Let's Build A Dollhouse


me eh?

My name is Jennifer.
Dollhouses and Miniatures are my passion.
I love my dollhouse, and wish that everyone who wants one could have one.
I have done a lot of renovations on my real house over the years, and not having a table saw at home, I had a lot of wood cut at Home Depot. One day it occured to me that I could also get a dollhouse cut out at Home Depot, so that is what I did.
I built this dollhouse by myself during the Winter of 2003/04.
The cost was just over $100 CAN.

dolhouse finished



You don't need a lot of tools to build a dollhouse. All of this dollhouse, excluding the interior walls, was cut out of a single sheet of 4 foot x 8 foot plywood. The whole thing was cut out at the Home Depot.

I began by drawing a cutting plan, I used Adobe Photoshop for this. Once I had the cutting plan completed, I walked over to my local Home Depot, purchased a sheet of plywood and presented the cutting plan to the nice man who cuts things out on Home Depot's big beautiful saw.

Once this was completed I was well on my way to building the dollhouse.



You really only need a few tools and a lot of enthusiasm to build this dollhouse.

It's not rocket science.

On the following pages you will find the cutting plan and step by step instructions and photos to guide you.

Let's Get Started


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Photos of the Interior

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