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Before we start building, and don't we all want to run before we can walk, it is probably best to scroll through the menu to get a brief description of what is on each page. Then go to each page and read through the directions in order to get an understanding of the steps one has to take to build a dollhouse.

You really only need a few tools and a lot of enthusiasm. It's not rocket science.

Cutting out the Dollhouse

This part is pretty easy. On page page 1 you will find a printable cutting plan. Just save it to your computer and then print it.You can take this plan to Home Depot and have them cut out the main parts of the dollhouse for a small fee.


I sold this dollhouse, but before it went,
I just had to play with it for a while.
I put some
furniture in it and took some photographs.

living room and stairs

third floor girl's bedroom


master bedroom

I almost forgot to make the chimney
for this house. In the photo at the top of the
page it is still missing, I had that nagging feeling that
I had forgotten something.

Next Cutting out the Dollhouse

Page 2

Making the Angle Cuts

Home Depot doesn't do any angle cuts. We have to cut that triangular bit for the peak on the gable end walls.
On this page I show you how to cut out peak, and an easy way to cut a straight line with a jigsaw.

Page 3

The Floors

On this page the floors are given an inexpensive finish. Also the measurements for cutting out where the stairs will have to go.

Cutting out the Windows

Here you will find diagrams and measurements for where the windows are placed. Also photos and hints on how to cut out the windows and door with a jigsaw

Page 5

Making the Window Panes and Window Frames

Whether you are using clear plastic or real glass for the windows, you will find the printable template for adding mullions handy. There are hints here for making the window frames

Page 6

Assembling the Dollhouse

This is where it starts to be more fun. On this page you will find out about assembling the dollhouse and putting on the roof beam

Page 7

Finishing the Exterior of the Dollhouse

Applying the stucco to the exterior walls and adding the oak trim and the exterior window trim.

Page 8

Finishing the Interior of the Dollhouse

Back to Home Depot to get the interior wall cut. You can find the printable plan to take with you on this page. After this we make some ''doors'', and wallpaper. Next, add the window panes and frame the window.

Page 9

Building a Dolhouse Staircase

It is up to you whether you build your own staircase or purchase it pre-built. There are links on the left to dollhouse building suppliers. Building a staircase is not as diffucult as it might appear to be. Going this page will show you how it is done

Page 10

The Dollhouse Roof

How to finish the roof and attach it to the roof beam.
A chimney is added too

Page 11

The Final Assembly of the Dollhouse

The dollhouse is almost finished now. On this page you will find instructions for how to hang the front doors

Page 12

American Style Dollhouse

On this page you will find a printable cutting plan for an American style dollhouse. You can take this plan to Home Depot and have them cut out the main parts of the dollhouse for a small fee. There are photos of the American style dollhouse and some directions on this page.

Here is a photo of the English house with the roof held up, exposing 2 large rooms on the third floor.


Page 13
Photos of the Interior

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