The Styrofoam Furniture

Furniture made from styrofoam

This is the living room furniture. I had intended to make just a few simple pieces of furniture for the dollhouse at the onset. Just something to have in it for show until better items were bought to replace them. I also bought a few of the Michael’s $1 hutches.
styrofoam component parts for a table and chairs
styrofoam table and chairs before pinting

My simpler pieces using Tom’s foam cutting machine. I use Autocad for structural and architectural design.

The machine that Tom provided uses a relatively cheap CNC software to punch out a design in ¼” Styrofoam. The bare and/or assembled pieces (I used Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue) can be smoothed, shaped, etc. using a fine grit sandpaper (I used the100 grit for rough sanding and then 150 for a smoother finish).

Note that I see no problem with hand cutting the furniture out. It will take a bit longer but even inside radiuses can be finished off with sandpaper around a small dowel

styrofoam cutting machine
styrofoam cutting machine


Tom McGuire, a good friend and neighbor, was building a foam cutter as shown above. I asked him to put one together for me as well. He agreed.

I drew up the furniture in Autocad and transferred it to the CNC software. The really nice thing is that if any of the furniture is damaged beyond repair, I can pull up the drawing and readily replace the piece. The left picture shows the cutting head. The motor spins and pumps the fine wire up and down and cuts the foam as it moves along the X-Y axis.

For anyone interested, Tom is putting the instructions on how to build it at the following website:


Note that this project is not for the faint at heart!

For more about Tom and his artwork go to his website:


Some More Furniture

The small drawer pulls of course are made from plastic headed straight pins.

The drawer and stove handles are made from brass sheeting, cut with tin snips and formed like a staple. A dab of glue and just push it into the Styrofoam.

The stove burner handles and those on the bathtub, etc. are just bent wire dipped in glue and then dipped into white paint. Due to the size of the Styrofoam, none of the drawers and doors open or close. Different depths such as drawer fronts are easily achieved by recessing and a drop of glue on the inside


The Bathroom
cutting the pieces for the bathroom furniture
cutting the pieces for the bathroom furniture
foam cutting machine

The bathroom pieces were more of a challenge. You can pretty well see how I made everything from the pictures.

I did use spackling compound to fill out the bathtub after shaping it with sandpaper.
The interior of the bathtub and toilet were lightly ground out using a Dremel tool with the small ball shaped grinder



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