Let's Build a Dollhouse
The Interior
stucco dollhouse

I didn't get to keep this dollhouse, but I played with it for a while, I added some furniture and took these photographs to give you a better idea of the size.


This is the room on the third floor. The carpet is actually velour fabric. I don't glue the fabric onto the floor, instead I stretch it over some thin cardboard, cut to the size of the room, fold the fabric over the edges and glue it on the back.

I glue this onto the dollhouse floor using a glue gun. I don't use glue guns much, but for this job it is great. If, in the future, one wants a different floor it is easy to remove the carpet. Heating with a hairdryer will melt the glue so the carpet can easily be lifted.

Don't you just love dollhouse bathrooms?

I had the bathroom pieces long before I had a dollhouse.There are many options with this dollhouse. If you want a large bathroom, you can easily put it on the third floor.Removing the back bathroom wall opens up a large landing, where you can add a set of stairs to the third floor.


The master bedroom on the second floor.

There is a lot of room for furniture in second floor bedrooms.

You can see the ceiling in this picture. I plastered the ceiling with Polyfilla , it adds a little depth to the dollhouse. If you want this look, be sure to do the plastering before you assemble the house.


In my own dollhouse I have the kitchen on this side of the house.

Here I decided to use it as the living room.Of course pictures on the walls and curtains on the windows would look nice, but since this house is sold, I can't really put those up.

These are some of the wallpapers which are used in this dollhouse. They are from my website.
Jennifer's Free Dollhouse Printables

At this website you can find lots of free dollhouse wallpaper, as well as printable household products, gift bags, toys and games



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