Make an Easy Miniature Stained Glass Door

I love this tiny front entrance with it's the door mat and rubber boots.
The stained glass in the door is really lovely, the 'leading' is raised, giving it a realistic effect.

My friend, Carole, made this door for her dollhouse, which you can see here. I thought the way she made the stained glass was ingenious, I can't wait to try it myself.

Carole kindly agreed to let me post some pictures here, to show how she did it.




Earth and Tree

Manhattan Dollhouse

First you have to buy some stickers to make the lead strips.
If you can't find any at your local hobby shop, you can buy them here.

They work well as it gives it that slightly raised effect.

She coloured the glass with permanent markers.

The door looks a bit bare in this picture, it still needs a handle and letterbox.


Here is the Finished Dolls House Door

The delight is in the details.
The brass door knob letterbox make all the difference, and those, oh so cute, miniature rubber boots make it look as if some one is about to walk through the door any minute.


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