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The Landing and Veronica's Bedroom

I had to remove the upstairs internal walls to get to this area. Only a small area will be seen through one bedroom door when the walls go back so I didn't need to finish the left side, also I didn't want to be able to see the striped wallpaper from the parlour. I painted the floor as so little will be on show I didn't think it was worth making floorboards.
The rug is made with a printie on t shirt transfer paper, ironed onto thin towelling, find the pattern here at I made the plantpot with Sculpey clay, the plant is a bit plasticy but I couldn't find a better fern. The lightshade is a drinks bottle top.

This is how ithe landing will be seen through the open bedroom door.

Here we have Veronica's bedroom, it's ended up 31cm wide, 20cm deep and 19cm high. I got the wallpaper from Jennifers Printables and was really pleased with the effect. Then I realised I had hung half of it upside down so have had to redo it all. The floor isn't bowed, I just haven't pushed the back skirting down enough. I made the floorboards the same as in the parlour (I remembered to use brown board to stick them on, it was much easier) but this time stained them before polishing.

I hadn't meant to make this room so elaborate as it was intended to look like the poor relations room, guess I got carried away. I made the bed from scrap wood with bamboo chopsticks for legs, it only needed little pieces of fabric and lace to dress it. Can you just see the chamber pot tucked under the end? I got the photo album printie from it actually opens and has photos inside.The rug is a piece of old towelling it's much thinner than using new.

My husband Colin helped make the corner cupboard, he cut the corner from a piece of 2"x 2" wood for me, then I enhanced it with more offcuts of wood. The picture over the bed is a printed sampler framed with bamboo skewers while the round ones are those plastic inserts from coke bottle tops. On the back of the door I hung a dressing gown made from a disposable duster. These dusters are like very soft, thin felt fabric in mixed pastel colours and do not fray. I'm finding many uses for the pack I bought. I got the pattern from a Venus Dodge book.

The chair is another adaptation from Jennifers site, this time covered in pink binca. I covered the seat cushion in the same fabric as the bedcover, there should be enough left for curtains and I only had a tiny piece of it. Veronica's cat, Missy, is about to jump on the bed, her favourite spot.

Remember the top half of the Michael's hutch I made the plate rack in the kitchen from? well this chest of drawers is the bottom half of that. I removed the handles and covered the front with three strips of wood to look like drawers then I put the handles back, luckily I had a spare from the unused door to make the set, I also added some trim across the bottom. As it holds the wash basin I glued a little towel rail to the side.


Veronica is just having a last cuppa before getting ready for bed and telling Missy all about David the lovely, unmarried, vicar.

Those Michael's hutches have been great for this room, here we have a whole one being used as a linen store and the bottom half of one, with some twiddly bits, making a dressing table (the top half made the bookcase in the parlour).

I used a light oak stain varnish on all the furniture in this room. The hatboxes are pop bottle tops covered in paper. I want something to go in the gap under the dressing table but am waiting for inspiration.

This little workbox came out better than I expected, I covered some cardstock with binca and lined it with textured card. The 'embroidery' is a scrap of printed fabric glued into a curtain ring and the silks are just dressmaking cotton.

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I really like this mirror, the frame came out of a Christmas cracker years ago, it's just a piece of mirror card inside. The bottles and jars are beads and the brush, comb and hand mirror are another gift from my sister, she quite often picks me things up at cake decorating shops.

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