Let's Build a Dollhouse

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Letís Get Started !

Below is the printable cutting plan. To save the plan to your computer. With your mouse over the image, right click and select 'save image as' .
Print two copies, one for the person who is cutting out your dollhouse, the other for you to follow along.

This step is very easy

Let me begin by saying that I donít profess to be a carpenter. My way of building a dollhouse is probably not the best way. It is simply the easiest, and most economical way that I know.

I am happy to share it with you.

The most crucial part in building just about anything is to have all the parts perfectly square.
If you start out building a dollhouse with walls which arenít cut at a perfect 90 degrees, you would be off to a bad start. And it could only get worse from there.

These days, building supply stores, like Home Depot [HD] offer a cutting service. Itís awesome!
They have enormous saws, which can cut out almost your entire dollhouse PERFECTLY in minutes. My local HD gives you the first three cuts free, and charge $1 per cut for each cut after that.

All you have to do to get started is to download the Cutting Plan [right] Print out two copies. One is for the nice Home Depot person who is operating the saw, and one is for you to follow along. It important to write the name on each piece.

Next go to the Home Depot and pick out a piece of ľ inch thick plywood 4 feet x 8 feet. DONíT TAKE IT HOME ! Take the plywood to the big totally awesome saw, itís at the back of the store in my local HD. Have the operator cut out your dollhouse. All you have to do is hand him the printout you made of the Cutting Plan.

As long as you write the name of each on the part itself, as the HD person hands it to you, you will have no problems assembling your dollhouse. It is pretty simple, the middle floor is slightly different in size to the other 2 floors, and itís important to mark it correctly.This is because the saw eats up about 1/16th ''with each cut.



A Few Words About Plywood

Actually, I have very few words to say about plywood as I don't know that much about it myself. I just know whenever I buy it; it is referred to as ''good on one side plywood'' .
I really don't know if there is ''good on two sides'' plywood, Or ''not good on either side'' plywood lol.

"Good on one side plywood'' is just fine for making dollhouses. Just take a look at the dollhouse parts and decide which side looks the best. Use the better side for the inside of the dollhouse. If there are big knot holes in the ''bad'' side, simply fill them with Polyfilla and sand.

When you leave Home Depot with all the parts cut out, you are well on your way to building your dollhouse.

There is a lot more work to do yet, but it's okay to feel excited at this point.
I always do

To Save the plan to your computer hold your mouse over the image, right click and select 'save image as'. Print the plan and take to your local Home Depot to get your doll house cut out.

Take a look at the cutting plan before you go.

It is pretty simple, the middle floor is slightly different in size to the other 2 floors, and itís important to mark it correctly.This is because the saw eats up about 1/16th of an inch with each cut. Be sure to use this as the middle floor.

Use your copy of the cutting plan to follow along as the HD man cuts.
Use a pencil
to write the name of each
piece as the
HD man hands it to you.

I hesitate to put an exact number of cuts needed for cutting out the rest of the pieces. I find it best not to get bossy, and I just let the HD man decide how he wants to approach it. The HD cutting service does not offer angle cuts, so all of the pieces of your dollhouse will be rectangular we will cut the gable ends next.
Cutting the gable end walls


NOTE: Our local Home Depot now requests that you make an appointment if you need more than 3 cuts .


This picture is here to remind you that the
walls of
the dollhouse need to be sanded painted in
order to seal the wood. Fill in any holes in the plywood with polifilla and sand everything.
You don't have to use a
paint brush, a roller makes the task very easy.

read about how to finish the Floors here

The dollhouse walls need to be sanded and painted.

It is a good idea to do this before you go any further.

I used an interior latex paint which I had leftover from painting my real size house.

Don't Paint the Floors.
you may want to stain them

read about how to finish the Floors here


The inner walls of the dollhouse are not included in this plan.
We will get to that later.

You can click here to see
the cutting plan for the inner walls



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Cutting the gable end walls

Build a Dollhouse
Build a Dollhouse
Page 1
Cutting out the Dollhouse
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Cutting the gable end walls
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The Floors
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Cutting out the Windows
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Making the Windows
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Finishing the Exterior
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Finishing the Interior
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Building a Staircase
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The Roof
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The Final Assembly
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American Style Dollhouse

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Photos of the Interior


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